Wednesday, December 22, 2010

UnDead Politics at Work

5 minutes later.
“What kind of Vampire would you want be? Twilight, Angel, Lesat...” AKL asked.
“Blade.” I replied without hesitation
“Blade? But he hunts Vampires.”
“Yes. I support and endorse the Van Helsing Doctrine of Engagement.”
“Daywalker.” AKL replied and went off to do story time.

“Don’t Dr. Scott me, Brad.”

The Kid’s Department was a having a printer error. Heading to the department I took a look at the misbehaving machine.
“Hrmmm.” I said sagely.
“What’s wrong with it?” Asked AKL (Awesome Kids Librarian).
“The sonic transducer needs to be replaced.” I said.
“It is I suppose, some kind of audio-vibratory-physio-molecular transport device?”
“Erp. Yes.” Sonic transducer, fuser, same difference.
“Don’t Dr. Scott me, Brad.” She said.